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The fortunate location of the fuel station at the mouth of the Sanremo harbors, Portosole and Portovecchio, with docking facilities up to 100 meters, guarantee the maximum ease in maneuverability, thanks also to the noteworthy size of the stretch of water in front of it.

Our fuel pumps, able to output up to 500 liters per minute, ensure the maximum speed in refueling even to large vessels sailing the Mediterranean. Sending us in advance the documentation needed for refueling duty free fuel will further speed up the service.

Our partnership with the Centro Petroli group, located nearby the marina of Portosole, allows for the furnishing of large quantities of fuel, delivered by truck.

For over twenty years, SERVIZIO MARE, from the Marine Fuel station of Sanremo, Portosole, provide the main services of refueling for COMMERCIAL and PLEASURE YACHTS in DUTY FREE and DUTY PAID. From now you can also book TANK CLEANING services availables directly to the dock or to the fuel station at the moment of refueling.

Our staff will deal for you with the customs authorizations and formalities that are indispensable for the carrying out of a duty free supply. Contact us for all last minute services you will need in Sanremo.

We suggest you to make a prior contact using the form on our web site You can also send us your inquiry and documentation by fax at the n° 0039.0184.54.63.63, allowing us to better organize the service and therefore reduce the waiting time.
Servizio Mare
Sanremo - Portosole
tel: +39 0184 505.123 - fax: +39 0184 54.63.63
contact: Federico Carion